Yoga / Constellation Work / Supervision

Johannes Ludwig

Information on costs and payment

To ensure that therapy and consciousness work is not just a question of money, I have decided on a payment system, in which the payment can be adjusted to one’s own personal income. Moreover, the level of income in our society does not always reflect the actual value and importance of the work it can have for our society and environment, which is why I want to make an adjustment possible in this sense as well.
You can therefore decide for yourself, how much you can and want to give per hour. In regards to the German net average income of 1960,- €, I can recommend for example an amount of 70-80€ for orientation. This is only a recommendation, you can also choose a different amount. If you earn more, it will be easier for you to give more, if you earn little, you don't have to feel guilty about giving less.
Only the minimum amount per hour is limited to 45,- €, because I make a loss under this amount (after deduction of taxes, room rent, insurances, preparation and follow-up work, etc.).

If you are inquiring as a company or organisation, if there are any uncertainties in the calculation, or if you have any further questions, please contact me personally:

You can transfer the amount to my bank account (Johannes Ludwig, Deutsche Kreditbank, Iban: DE59120300001052758792, Bic: BYLADEM1001) or pay cash per hour. I will not check the transferred amounts for plausibility.


You are also welcome to donate a certain amount in general, which makes it possible for me to take on pro bono cases or accept unpaid teaching assignments, for example.